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70th Birthday Surprise

Case Study

Brief: Create a carpool Karaoke video that involves close family to play and surprise my husband with at his 70th birthday party.

Execution: We met with our client Linda to discuss and build on her carpool karaoke idea. Because there were lots of young children and people to coordinate, we agreed to conduct the carpool karaoke element with the recipient’s brothers and together we created a storyboard for the video comprising four different songs and a huge reveal at the end. After the songs were written, recorded and the script was complete, filming took place at the recipient’s house (at a time where we knew he would be away) and at Elstree aerodrome. 

70th Birthday Surprise Video. Life Story Videos by Moviebytes, Video Content Creation UK

Result: The recipient and his guests were all blown away at the event, saying it was the best event video they had ever seen. In The Spotlight proudly created something that not only had the wow factor on the night but will be a forever keepsake for the recipient and his family to watch for years to come. Family members involved in the filming also commented that they never expected to enjoy the filming so much but had a really great time being involved.

What the client says: (text message from client whilst at the party) "OMG they have gone mad for your video. Every single person loved it. Said it’s the best video they have ever seen at a function. You should be very proud of yourselves. I am."

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