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The Power of Behind The Scenes Content

This should not be underestimated...

On social platforms we’re increasingly seeing video content such as time-lapse event setups, tours of homes and offices and funny out-takes/bloopers where stuff goes wrong. One video that’s capturing attention this week is a successful prank on Katie Hopkins which saw a Youtuber fly her to Prague to win a C**t award (😂). And it’s not just the fake ceremony that is captivating, but all the behind the scenes documentation of the build up to the prank’s success that hooks viewers. Worth a watch!

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Some BTS analysis for you

As today is #wisdomwednesday I’m sharing 3 reasons why behind the scenes content is so powerful and something businesses can use to their advantage:

1. It satisfies our instinctive need to form human connections... Naturally, human beings are curious creatures (which is polite for nosy) and we love getting a bit more of a back-story and glimpse into the wider context of someone’s business and life.

2. It’s feels real (and in many cases it’s as real as video content can get) helping to ‘humanise’ you/your business. This is refreshing in a world where we are increasingly exposed to ‘fake news’ and people are presenting what might seem like their ‘perfect’ lives on Instagram and beyond and helps create a greater sense of empathy.

3. It’s engaging. Well lots of content is engaging, but this works on a deeper level enabling the viewer to almost feel like they have been granted ‘special’ access or a ‘VIP pass’ into understanding the business or life of the business owner, resulting in the viewer subconsciously feeling a bit more ‘special’ and ‘privileged.

Thank you for reading

I hope this was a useful thought starter and I’d love to hear if it’s helped trigger any ideas for your business and the kinds of BTS content you enjoy watching and engaging with...

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