Everything we do is completely bespoke and depends entirely upon our client's request. As a pricing guideline we have put together some package options, but these can be customised and enhanced if desired:

Celebration Videos: From £150

The perfect way to involve guests who are unable to attend the event or simply make the recipient feel special and loved. This is our most popular package which consists of a collection of video clips and photos sent in by friends and family of the recipient to surprise them during their special occasion. This is edited to tell a story and is often a big feature at a party to replace or accompany a speech. We will work with you to shape the story and structure the video however you like.


Perfect for: Milestone birthdays, anniversaries, stag/hen weekends

Enhancements can include: Lip sync music video, professional interviews with family members, inclusion of old footage, celebrity messages

Business Promotional Videos: From £350

This could be a series of Vlogs or talking head videos to engage with customers and help illustrate the personality of a business. It could also be a promotional video that lives on your website and social media channels, standing out and grabbing the attention of prospective customers. Includes a consultation prior to the shoot.


Perfect for: Businesses who want to engage with customers, demonstrate a new product or launch a campaign.

Enhancements can include: Green screen filming, multiple camera angles, stock footage, inclusion of client testimonials, stop motion, sub edits for different social platforms, logo animation

Life Stories: From £425

Capturing on film the stories of friends and relatives who want to share their life experiences with younger generations and keep their legacy alive. Or perhaps someone who has had a successful career and wants to document their journey. Includes a consultation with the family or interviewee, an interview discussion guide and a 1 hour filming session with multiple camera angles along with an edited video and gift wrapped USB stick containing the finished film.


Perfect for: Birthday, anniversary and retirement gifts, general family keepsakes

Enhancements can include: interviews with other family members, photos and old video footage

Bespoke Edits: From £100

The perfect way to make the most of the heaps of video footage on your smartphone or hard drive to ensure it is watched and becomes a treasured keepsake. Edits can be an 'old school' continuous video or a highlight montage that tells a story and captures a moment in time.


Perfect for: gifts for all occasions, baby first year videos, wedding videos where guests have captured lots of footage, family holidays, general family keepsakes

Enhancements can include: a text narrative to tell a story, inclusion of photos

Event Capture: From £300

Capturing business events and parties on film to create social media content or keepsakes. Includes highlight edit(s) and consultation to understand any specific requirements.


Perfect for: business events, birthday/engagement parties

Enhancements can include: multiple cameras, Vox pops/sound bytes